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Dee Lavell

Dee LavellDee Lavell Bio

"Dee Lavell is a singer's singer,” said the late Ali 'Ollie' Woodson of The Temptations.

Personifying soul, passion and charisma, Dee Lavell might be the latest name on the Australian soul and blues scene, but she’s definitely not the new kid on the block. A seasoned performer with more than 25 years experience on stage and in the studio in Australia and the US.

 “My mother was the musical one in our family; she loved to sing in the local church choir and played piano at home…” Dee proudly showcases the influence of her mother, who passed away in 2011, and to whom her album is dedicated. Although encouraged and supported by her mother through piano, cello, flute and voice lessons, it was only after 10 years in a nursing career that Dee finally became a professional singer in the 1990s.

Dee was a member of Sydney-based soul/funk group The Honeybees along with Belle Hendrik and Tina Harrod; sang in Mother Jive with Liza Ohlback; and headed up her own band, Totally Funked Up, with Calvin Welch and Eric Rasmussen.

Based in Los Angeles for 10 years, Dee worked with musicians and singers who were also playing with India Arie, Nika Costa, Barry White, Macy Gray and Stevie Wonder, and she sang in sessions for former Motown producers Frank Wilson, Clay Drayton and Laythan Armor.

She released a gospel CD, Sanctified, in 1995 and living in LA enabled Dee to immerse herself in singing with various gospel church choirs and hone her deeply resonant soulful sound.

Since returning to Australia, Dee has done support gigs for big names including Renee Geyer and Cotton Keays & Morris; reunited regularly with members of The Honeybees and Mother Jive; and performed her own gigs in Sydney & around Northern NSW, where she is currently based.

Dee released her new album, MAMA TOLD ME, on May 21. powerful new album produced by Geoff Wright, features eleven blistering soul and blues tracks, seven of which are originals by Dee & Geoff.

Dee has been doing blues based gigs in South Queensland and is affiliated with the BASEQ and was a part in the IBC to vie for a spot to compete in The Memphis IBC 2013

Dee was a nominee for the NCEIA, Prestigious Dolphin Awards for her song ‘Get On Over”

She has also been nominated for 2 Chain awards with the Australia Blues Foundation Annual awards to be announced Feb 7 2013.





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