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LaLa Craig

LaLa Craig LaLa Craig- Darling MS- Piano/ Keys

I'm a 45yr vet of the stage who won't go away, so don't bother to ask.. ;> I'm a blues late-bloomer - converted in '94.. been making up for lost time ever since. Ain't nothin' like the blues, and nothin' like livin' it the Mississippi Delta way!
On the stage since birth. My family had a country band I grew up singing and playing guitar in and, on occasion, bass. Obtained a piano at the age of 12 and became truly passionate about being a musican (before that I wanted to be a veterinarian, a plumber, ANYTHING but a musician). Played and sang in a lot of random groups, like Sing Out, and church groups.
Studied classical for a minute. Wanted
electronic keyboards but parents wouldn't cooperate so, through high school, continued to mimic the guitar slingers in my school to the best of my ability, which wasn't much, I assure you.. dropped out of high school, took the California High School Proficiency Exam at just barely 17. Discovered they'd STILL require you to equalize your core subject requirements to go to a "real" college (who'da thunk it?) so went to a JC, where I resumed my classical training, which began a slow crash-and-burn period for the next 10 years during which I couldn't play (sing, or write) my way out of the proverbial wet paper bag.. sad really..
1993.. married a blues bass player. He didn't want me anywhere near blues, so naturally, I couldn't embrace it fast enough (yes, it WAS all about YOU ... you know who you are.. bwahahahahahaha...)
I've now had a 16 year career that I've only had to spite my ex husband (ha- that's his story anyway.. ;>)


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