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Heather Crosse

Heather Crosse -Little Rock AR- Bassist  

          Heather is a seasoned Blues musician and music educator passionate about carrying on a legacy passed to her by mentors.  She has played bass for 14 years and sang since age 10.  After years of backing many Pros she now fronts her own band, Heavy Suga’ & The SweeTones. 






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Carol Dierking

Carol Dierking- Dallas TX "Little Texas Bad-Ass Drummer Girl"

Amongst a slew of honors and awards over the years, Carol was named "Best in Texas" by the National Association of Jazz Educators in 1979. Still, teachers send students to watch her play.

Her musical journey began at age five with piano lessons. then moved on to Classical Guitar by age eight. Stage performance was upped from recitals to winning a local talent contest. At age 10 she was introduced to her first snare drum by her babysitter Mary, love at first sight. She wanted to play drums just like Mary. For seven years she was mentored by Dr. Judith Mathis who was a Judge for the National Association of Rudimental Drummers, award winning Band Director, Song Writer, Composer, and friends with numerous big named artists of the day like Buddy Rich and Ed Shaunessey. "Momma" Mathis raised a generation of successful musicians during her years in Wylie, Texas. Carol received numerous National Association of Jazz Educators Trophies and Certificates of Honor, "Who's Who of American Music" twice, "All American Hall of Fame" Band Honors, Outstanding Musician Award for the St. Mary's Fiesta Stage Band Festival - out of 27 stage bands class 1-5A (Best in Texas), Citizenship award given by the City of Wylie, Texas, All Region Band Honors three years, and numerous 1st place medals from University Interscholastic League Solo and Ensemble contests including Gold and Silver for solo and ensembles at State level.

Ms. Dierking was a member of the Texas Jr. Drum Corp in the early '70s and attended summer band camp programs at East Texas State University, (one year) and Texas Tech State University, (two years). She won full Music Scholarship to Stephen F. Austin State University after being one of sixty that were auditioning on the last day of try-outs for the last grant. There she studied under the direction of Dr. Melvin Montgomery, world renowned Percussionist and member of the Band Directors Hall of Fame. Carol received a Scroll of Honor and Honorary membership to the Women's Band Sorority Tau Beta Sigma.

Throughout high school and college she played in Concert Band, Marching Band, Stage Band, Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Solo Performances, accompaniment for the Theater Productions, and accompaniment for the Choirs. Then came the whole thing about playing by ear. Somewhere around the globe you may have seen or heard of Carol (Ms.Morgan) playing with some of these guys:

Shephard's Glory, The Leon Street Blues Band, (with Stevie Ray Vaughn occasionally sitting in), The SFA Metal Rockers, Cactus Rose, She of Dallas, The Ted Davi Band, Ric E Blues and the Deep Blue Sea, Mr. D. and Friends, The Kenny Barker Band, The Dead Prophets, Big Mike Clark with Ms. Morgan on Drums, intodown, Big Mike Clark Blues Band, Spur 2 Texas, The Andrea Dawson Band, The Outlaw River Band, Phil and the Phat Cats, The Dunn Deal, The Texas Blues Project, Elmo Blues, Wild Bill Cody and the Backroom Boys, Whiskey Nekkid, D'Tour, Texas Trailblazers, Zeb Cash Lane, The Wylie Community Band, The Barflies, The Sonja Jevette Band, Teddy Barracuda, The Jimmy Lee Reeves Band, The Janna Bowden Blues Band, Ginny Ivy Blues Band, Ray Anderson Band, Ms. Morgan on Drums (solo), Jack Foltyn - Elvis Impersonator, Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers, The Smokin' Joe Kubek Band featuring Bnois King, Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat, Leo Hull & The Texas Blues Machine, The Jeff Stone Band, Voodoo Highway, The Mo Stephens Trio, Baloney Moon

All Star Blues Jam Host and participant with Various Artists featuring many National and Internationally acclaimed guests... sharing the stage with Albert Cummings, Buddy Whittington, Robin Banks, Tommy Shannon, Jerry Clark, Texas Slim, Joey Love, Hashbrown, Perry Jones, Pete Barbeck, Mike Morgan, Holland K. Smith, Lance Lopez, Guitar George, Mouse Mayes, Sam Myers, Anson Funderburg, Brent Rozell, Casey James, Paul Byrd, Kenny Traylor, Diunna Greenleaf, Fiona Boyes, Joe Jonas, Pops Carter, Sue Foley, Hamilton Loomis, Vicki Blackwell, Richard Blackwell, JR Boy Jones, Kerrie Lepai, Biscuit Miller, Paxton Norris, Tyler Mac, and numerous others over the years.

Ms. Dierking has recorded Reel-to-Reel and vinyl albums with Concert Bands, Orchestras, Marching Bands, Stage Bands, Jazz Ensembles, and a Percussion Ensemble. Carol has recorded Compact Discs with various groups including TX D'Tour, The Dead Prophets, Spur 2 Texas, Big Mike Clark with Ms. Morgan on Drums, intodown, The Texas Trailblazers, Jack Foltyn, and Christopher Ray. There are over a hundred videos on you-tube. http://www.youtube.com/thecaroldierking

Getting down to the roots, Carol is a True Blues Powerhouse ~ Texas Blues Drummer (and she can play Chicago style too!)... old and new, groovin', rockin', roadhouse, outlaw and gospel blues. Texas Country Music fans love them some Carol, and the Funk/Soul cats are jumpin' all night long. This versatile drummer will cause you to move.

"I am a vessel from which the music flows" ~ Carol Dierking

Pat PepinPat Pepin- Maine-Saxophone/ Guitar/ Vocals

Award winning vocalist and saxophonist Pat Pepin is without a doubt one of the most entertaining blues performers around. Pat has worked all her professional life as a vocalist, sax player, songwriter and music teacher. With a career that spans over 25 years, Pat has three times represented the Maine Blues Society in the International Blues Challenge, produced three CDs and now has tour schedule that includes shows and festival appearances up and down the east coast. Her 2010 CD release "In It For the Long Haul" was a top 4 finalist for the Best Self-Produced CD as part of the 26th IBC in Memphis, Tn.

· Finalist - 2010 International Blues Challenge Best Self-Produced CD “In it for the Long Haul”
· 2009 Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise “Mojo Boogie” Award receipent
· International Blues Challenge competitor 2002, 2004, 2008 - Memphis, TN
· Annual Children’s Program, Maine Blues Festival
· 2008 South Florida International Blues Festival
· Raising the Blues workshops for hospitalized children – Boston, MA / Portland Maine
· North Atlantic Blues Festival, Rockland, ME
· Waterside Blues Festival, Ft Pierce, FL

LaLa CraigLaLa Craig- Darling MS- Piano/ Keys

I'm a 45yr vet of the stage who won't go away, so don't bother to ask.. ;> I'm a blues late-bloomer - converted in '94.. been making up for lost time ever since. Ain't nothin' like the blues, and nothin' like livin' it the Mississippi Delta way!
On the stage since birth. My family had a country band I grew up singing and playing guitar in and, on occasion, bass. Obtained a piano at the age of 12 and became truly passionate about being a musican (before that I wanted to be a veterinarian, a plumber, ANYTHING but a musician). Played and sang in a lot of random groups, like Sing Out, and church groups.
Studied classical for a minute. Wanted
electronic keyboards but parents wouldn't cooperate so, through high school, continued to mimic the guitar slingers in my school to the best of my ability, which wasn't much, I assure you.. dropped out of high school, took the California High School Proficiency Exam at just barely 17. Discovered they'd STILL require you to equalize your core subject requirements to go to a "real" college (who'da thunk it?) so went to a JC, where I resumed my classical training, which began a slow crash-and-burn period for the next 10 years during which I couldn't play (sing, or write) my way out of the proverbial wet paper bag.. sad really..
1993.. married a blues bass player. He didn't want me anywhere near blues, so naturally, I couldn't embrace it fast enough (yes, it WAS all about YOU ... you know who you are.. bwahahahahahaha...)
I've now had a 16 year career that I've only had to spite my ex husband (ha- that's his story anyway.. ;>)

Billie FeatherBillie Feather- Winston/Salem NC- Stand Up Bass/ Elect Bass/ Guitar

Billie Marie Feather is a double bassist who originally hails from Johnstown, PA.  Being brought up in the beautiful Pennsylvania mountains and surrounded by a family of avid music lovers, Billie's love of performing music in all forms was fostered.

Saying goodbye to her childhood home in the mountains, Billie's family relocated during her elementary school years to North Carolina, where she found herself surrounded by the rich musical landscape that flourishes in the Tarheel State - from the old traditional mountain music of the Appalachians to the Piedmont's rich blues and jazz traditions.  It was in her sixth grade year that Billie began saving for her first guitar by doing odd jobs and begging her parents for music lessons.  Her parents finally gave into their daughter's pestering for lessons and it happily grew into a lifelong passion of music performance and songwriting.  

For her senior year in high school, Billie was accepted into the prestigious music conservatory at The University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Classical Guitar Performance, and remained there for her college studies.  Billie has been a guest classical guitarist in The Carolina Wind Symphony, and has been able to perform all over North Carolina as both a solo artist and in classical guitar ensembles.  After graduating in 2006, Billie expanded her musical studies by learning the double bass, electric bass, banjo, and mandolin.  

Upon graduation, Billie founded a private teaching studio in Winston-Salem, NC and began performing upright bass in several local bands.  Most notably, she could be found in the bo-stevens (a North Carolina honky-tonk band) and The Darnell Woodies (an old-time Appalachian punk string band).  During her tenure in these bands, Billie was able to tour the United States and Europe.  While in Winston-Salem, she began studying stringed instrument repair at Separk Music, and eventually was asked to take a position in Chapel Hill, NC as  instrument repair technician at Wes Lamble Guitars.

Upon relocating to Chapel Hill, Billie joined local honky-tonk country legend John Howie Jr. (of Two Dollar Pistols fame) in his newly formed band John Howie Jr. and the Rosewood Bluff on both electric and upright bass.  Though this band, she was able to share the stage with country legend George Jones, contemporaries The Steep Canyon Rangers, Dexter Romweber, The Backsliders, and several other notable acts.  Her most recent project has been fronting and songwriting for the The P-90's, a fun spirited punk rock act whose members consist of her former students.  Billie continues to teach and share her love of music with her students through her private studio and through guest lectures around the southeast and remains an accomplished songwriter.  


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